Hello and welcome to my new post. If you're new here comment down below, subscribe and share thank you. Today I'm going to be sharing some of the shoes I love with you and maybe leave some fashion tips even though I don't know much about it lol. I'm going to leave some affiliate links in the post just in case you want to shop for any of these shoes and get up to 30% off your purchase.

The first kind of shoes I like are heels. If there's anything that feels good on a woman's feet it's heels. They can make you feel so powerful when you walk and especially when it hits so well with your outfit my oh my it feels like we can take over the world. Although it has its cons like how bad our ankles begin to throb when it's worn for a long time and that's why there's always the trusted slippers that are carried along whenever we need them. I don't think you can ever go wrong with heels.
Secondly, we have our wonderful flats. These babies are just amaz…


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Just as the title says this ia an appreciation post to all of those people who have supported me since day 1 haha y'all are the real and I mean real OG'S. Those of you who share on your status, those who comment, those who care(coughs noone) LOL. I love every repost and comment I see and it means a whole lot more. Those who view and ignore but today you decided to check it out thank you💛
If you've been here since you have probably seen me go from posting monthly to every Fridays and now on Wednesdays and Saturdays(i miss friday postings though).
 I wrote the date above cause it's the day I finally completed this post. When I started this post I wasn't in a good mood to…


Another trend I'm late to talk about but haha what's new? If you're new here please check out my other posts,comment and subscribe thank you so much in advance and welcome. You've probably heard about the title if you're active on twitter and most of the ridiculous answers to the tweets have found a spot on some Instagram pages but how did this all start...flashback time *wuwlwuwwudswhsuw*
   It was just another beautiful day on twitter when someone started with the "unpopular opinion" thread. I was kinda into the whole thing at first but as usual the world overdid it and boom it faded  away. Then came 'O Je Wa Ke Eng' at first I was confused like what's going on and then I later realized it was just like unpopular opinions. You thought the world would end it there nope. O Je Wa Ke Eng gave birth to Sco Pa Tu Manaa which of course was just the same thing with the others at this point I just gave up..flashback back to reality *wuwlwuwwudswhsuw*


Now, some of you might see this post and become scared that you'd never stop seeing this neon green and some of you might have clicked on this post to find out what I want to say about this lovely 2019 fashion trend I am definitely late to talk about but either way if you're new here please check out my last post, subscribe and share. Welcome.
 Before I begin as usual, I don't know what I'm talking about because I'm not that into fashion lol. We've seen it everywhere..Kylie Jenner, Social media stars and the others rocking this beautiful color but is it really the cool thing?

Well I think it's cool I mean it's bright,it's bright again,it screams green it's just perfect. I was actually surprised when people initially started rocking this color and I thought the world was eventually going to run out of ideas lol. Of course, the neon green trend had its moment ( I think it's still going on) but as usual some people took it overboard and then I …


What's up everybody? I won't lie this topic has weak me (because I'm not going for any 😂) but I promised a part 2 so here it is. If you're new here please don't forget to comment, share and subscribe and also check out my previous posts (YouTube vibes shey?). Summer time events let's go!

The front cover of this event should excite Rema fans and need I say more than you should turn up for this event if you want to prove your love (just joking.) Disclaimer: I was not paid to advertise for any of these events so if any of you who are part of the planning committee sees this please feed me lol.

 This is another event that you can spare your time and money for this summer. Look it's sponsored by MTV well...well... isn't that something? I don't know if there's another place to get more information from because I know I'm doing a terrible job at it.

This one is for my Ibadan people!!!!! In Fact if this one was in Lagos I might have just gone for i…


I can't believe it's August already. Can you believe it's August already? Phew no pressure no pressure but what!?? Just like that! I hope you've achieved your plans for 2019 so far though. If you're new or old here please subscribe to the blog and also comment and share. Since it's August and it's kind of summer for us in Nigeria (those in school Pele) I'm going to give you a list of some events you can crash this summer and have fun.. Probably.
Let it be known at this point that I don't go out so no I don't know how the previous events were like before this one all I can say is if you don't want to go for this event you can attend it online through people's Instagram stories. To know more about this event you can search for it on Instagram or call the number on the picture by the side in yellow.

Just as the name says, it's going to be a night of poetry from various artists. If you're a poet addict this is one of your doses, …


What's up? How's it going? Who goes there? If you're a new reader Welcome and please never leave haha. So today we are going to be discussing one of the songs off of Beyonce's new album and you probably know by now from the title..that's right BROWN SKIN GIRL. 

Quick disclaimer : I'm not a music person, long story shortI don't even know what I like so take this review with a huge tablespoon of saltand please Bey hive, Wizkid hive, Blue ivy hive do not attack me.
There's no music video for the song yet but you could listen to it on You tube Let me just start by saying that I immediately fell in love with Blue Ivy's singing voice it sort of reminded me about me and also childrens' voices are cute so from 0:00-0:21 the first time I heard it I was just gushing over it. Now starting from 0:22 the Nigerian in me knew immediately that the beat coming next was that exact beat I mean are you even Nigerian if you didn't know?. Then our beloved Wizkid c…