It has been a while, come let's talk.
    Apart from the fact that I've being in school but I have not been "in school", my social life hasn't been aligning with what I had in my mind for this year, I am not making money intensely but money is leaving my account furiously...I'm fine. But how are you? 2020 has been a whole lot now, hasn't it? It's not even May and the number of events that have happened is mind-boggling plus if you're in Nigeria can we just create a group chat to complain about this heat becauseeeee
. I don't even know what to talk about but let me give you an update on why I haven't been posting as much (because that is what I do now instead of giving actual content mtchew). I'm considering moving the blog to a better permanent site!!! The day I make 1 million from this blog is the day I'd stop dear😒. The blog needs to look even fancier and more welcoming so I decided to stop wasting my creative juices on posts her…


Not to be the bearer of bad news plus I know January is over but this virus is still spreading and we need to be aware. Before we get into this, I'd like to add that working with a brand or company or store like in the form of collaborations, sponsored post or giveaways this February is one of my goals so reach out if you'd like to partner up, send an email here and let the business begin.

 I recently just started paying huge attention to the virus outbreak because apparently, it spreads really easily and I don't think there's a found cure.
The first signs of the virus appeared to be discovered in a woman, according to news reports who from shanghai traveled to Germany on a business trip. After more research, it has been found that the virus can spread before the symptom starts but some common symptoms are: Fever, cough, and shortness of breath. Fear of this virus shouldn't be the first thing on your mind at this point but steps you could take to prevent the spr…


A new post has been long overdue at this point because if you read my last post which you can find here you would see a promise I made about posting but then... the world happened. Welcome to another post, I hope you have been having the best 2020 yet because I don't think I have and if you can relate comment 'same sis' let's create a group chat to console ourselves.
 Today I'd be giving you a little update about how I've been even though you didn't ask for it plus I'd be reminding you to subscribe before you close this page. PLEASE SUBSCRIBE NO SPAMMING I PROMISE! So without further boredom.
Last year, I watched this video by Matt D'avella on youtube which you can find right herewhere he talked about happiness and all that and I think it was at that point I decided that I was no longer going to say things like "I'm not happy" or "I want to be happy"(watch the video to find out more) and I can actually genuinel…


Hello my friends, it has been a week into the new year and all I can say is sh... Welcome to another post, you have probably noticed the name change but read till the end for a huge announcement. If you missed the last post just click here
 Today, I'm going to be dropping some tips on how to keep to your resolutions after some personal research and also hours of watching aesthetic YouTubers😂, here they are
HOW TO STICK TO YOUR RESOLUTIONS(FROM A STRUGGLING PERSONNEL) DO NOT SET UNREALISTIC GOALS: Don't do it! no really don't. I'm not trying to discourage you but you know your capacity so instead of setting something really absurd that you know can't probably be done in the amount of time you've given yourself, start small because everything starts small. You see that youtube channel once had 100subcribers and they had to put out a video too so don't rush it and don't dream big then disappoint yourself, okay sweetie.
2. BREAK DOWN YOUR GOALS: I got this o…

IT'S 2020..NOW WHAT?

I hope I'm not the only one that isn't as hyped as other people who are but the problem is, it's not that I don't want to be, I just feel sad and happy at different hours each time and New year's eve last year I cried real hard I don't know why but I did and it wasn't from joy😂. So it's okay if you don't feel as excited as other people because you're normal too and before the year runs out it'll get better. WELCOME TO 2020!

Some people already have their lives planned out and I really hope they stick to it because let's face it it won't come very easy. To all my loyal readers of my blog thank you very much for reading my posts from this platform and I really intend to get better this year. I'm talking about consistent substantial posts when I can because my school schedule might shake me, the probability of moving to a new site or owning my own website because I feel this is kind of mediocre, going out because I'm getting ol…


Honestly, I'm so sorry for the inconsistent posting because I'm free and this is the best time to post but a lot has been going on with me of which I think you deserve a bit of update on so...
I lost a lot of enthusiasm, motivation etc basically I lost everything that makes me feel positive at some point because well..stuff happensI sort of ran out of things to blog about but now that I look at it, it's probably because I had big plans for the blog which maybe includes *whispers a new website* shhhhI'm trying to work on getting proper paying ads and sponsorship deals and all that because I have 6mouths to feed haha. Those you could say were the main reasons for not posting on here for a while and if you were waiting for one I'm so sorry I'm going to try real harder from now on.
It's the holidays and hopefully you're having a lot of fun wherever you are and if you aren't don't beat yourself up about it. To add to that I've been seeing a…


Yess😌, the 21st century where you're either couple goals or nothing...pfft. Hello if you're new here I had a post up last week please check it out right here👇👇👇 thank you. Now for the little population that cares no I'm not slowly becoming a "relationship advice" blog lol but that could also work. I'm just trying to talk about "interesting" topics and some of you might click off here but for those of you that are still here and part of the singles club you're doing great sweetie💚.  This is also like a list of things for people who might have recently just gotten out of a break up too so read on my love. HOW TO  BE SINGLE AND HAPPY( NOT 100% GUARANTEED FOR YOUR HAPPINESS BUT STAY STRONG) TRY NEW THINGS:  You're single and this is sort of like the best time to do things you wouldn't normally do like going out alone or shopping or having adventures etc. See it…